This page describes how to create or approve node type change proposals sent to the network


Create a proposal for an address

Approve a proposal

Discard a proposal

Manage proposal history

Create a proposal for an address

The users can create a proposal vote (from Tx Node >> Signer Node or vice versa) to other nodes in BCCloud or an external address.

  • Only accounts that own at least one signer node can create proposals

  • The votes were sent from the signer node belonging to your account

To open the Create Proposal dialog, go to the Proposals page

Users can create a proposal for an external node by filling in the address.

Approve a proposal

The users can approve a proposal on the Proposals page.

Only accounts that own at least one signer node can approve proposals

Item NameDescription


List of voted signer nodes


List of signer nodes that have not voted yet

Approve all

All nodes belonging to the account will vote together


Each node will send vote to the network

Discard a proposal

After approving the proposal, the user can discard your vote. But the discard only succeeds in the next epoch block. To discard a proposal, please go to the Proposals tab of the Node overview.

Manage proposal history

The proposal creation and approval process is recorded with each block in the chain. Users can review it all through Proposal History.

The user can filter the proposal history by block number or address.

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