About Authority

Permissions to be used in G.U. Blockchain Cloud

In this system, there are organization account roles, network roles, and consortium roles. Each of these permissions can be used to restrict functionality. The AccountOwner is the person with the strongest authority in the organization.

The organization account has four privileges.

  1. Owner It has full privileges to add and change organization names and credit cards, purchase and delete licenses, invite and delete users, and create and delete projects. The specification allows multiple administrators to be set. You have the authority to edit all networks in your organization.\

  2. Admin You have the authority to do anything except update card information. Operations other than updating card information will be allowed.\

  3. Member You can view notification information, payment details, and the list of members.\

  4. Guest You can only check the notification information and payment details. You can't even get the list of networks that belong to the account (except for the networks for which you have a network role).

There are four privileges in the network role. If the account role has not been assigned, the account role will be assigned the "Guest" privilege.

  1. Owner Allows operations other than license purchase and security editing for the specified network. If you have extra licenses, you can add and expand cluster nodes.\

  2. Admin Allows operations other than license purchase, security editing, proposal actions, and invitations for the specified network. If you have extra licenses, you can add and expand cluster nodes.\

  3. Operator Can be viewed on designated networks. You can also add licenses if you have any left over.\

  4. Guest Can only view the specified network.

【If you have two roles, AcoountRole and NetworkRole, which role has priority?】

The consortium role has two privileges: consortium administrator and consortium member.

When you create a network, the consortium administrator will be assigned to the organization account you created. When forming a consortium, only the consortium administrator can operate the entire network.

The following operations can only be performed by the consortium owner.

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