About Licensing

The G.U. Blockchain Cloud charges in the following units

  • Type and number of clusters

  • Number of BlockExplorer

  • Number and type of Ethereum nodes

Depending on the type of cluster, there is an upper limit to the number of accesses, and if there are more accesses than expected for that cluster type, the load balancer will stop and access will be blocked. The type of Ethereum node also determines the number of transactions that can be processed. For example, to create a blockchain network, let's say you want to create one Small cluster in the Tokyo region, with eight Small nodes in it. In that case

  • 1 Small Clusetr license = $38 1

  • Blockchain Explorer license = $30

  • 8 Small Nodes = $49 * 8 = $440

In total, $38 + $30 + $440 = $508 is the total amount you will be charged per month. Since each license is billed on a monthly basis, if you are billed in the middle of the month, the amount will be calculated on a daily basis, divided by the number of days until the end of the month, and that amount will be your initial billing amount. However, Ethereum's PoA algorithm requires a blockchain network of at least 8 units, and preferably 12 units, since the probability of a blockchain failure increases significantly if the number of units is less than 8. Therefore, it is advisable to operate with 8-12 Singers as much as possible during production.

Automatic license renewal

On the first day of each month, after midnight GMT, if there are any clusters or servers remaining, new licenses will be automatically purchased and applied to those active clusters or servers. To prevent the automatic renewal of the first license of the month, you can stop the automatic purchase of the next month's license by deleting the network in question. However, stopping it will not return the licenses you have purchased so far.

License Price

For more information on pricing, please click here.

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