Register google reCAPTCHA

This page describes how to set up a Google reCAPTCHA


Register the reCAPTCHA v2
Using the reCAPTCHA key for Block Explorer


Register Google reCAPTCHA v2

Entering Information to register a reCAPTCHA v2

To register reCAPTCHA, go to and log in by Google account. The register reCAPTCHA form will appear after login success.
Sign in by google account
Register reCAPTCHA form
Enter values to register the form, same below:
Register reCAPTCHA example
  • Choose "I'm not a robot" Checkbox in Challenge (v2) of the reCAPTCHA type
  • In Domains fields, besides using your domain, you can also get the domain from your Block Explorer (if exist), as below:
    • Go to your Block Explorer, by clicking the Block Explorer button.
    • Get the domain from Block Explorer URL, as the example below, the domain is
    Block Explorer
After filling out the register reCAPTCHA form, click the Submit button to complete the registration, the reCAPTCHA key will appear
Finally, you can go to the dashboard page by clicking GO TO ANALYTICS button

Configure the settings of the reCAPTCHA

You can re-configure the reCAPTCHA, by clicking the Settings button, you will go to the edit reCAPTCHA page. To finish, click Save the button after edit success.

Apply the reCAPTCHA key for Block Explorer

To use reCAPTCHA, you get the key at the registration step and add it to the form when creating or editing Block Explorer.

Add new Block Explorer

If you don't have Block Explorer, let's go to Network Overview and click Create Block Explorer the button. Fill reCAPTCHA key in the form and submit.
Open Create Block Explorer dialog
Create Block Explorer

Update Block Explorer

If you have Block Explorer, let's go to the Block Explorer overview page and Update & Rebuild.
Go to Block Explorer Overview
Open Update Block Explorer dialog
Update & Rebuild Block Explorer