Create a node connected to the external Clef

This page describes how to create a node connect to the external Clef


To help you better understand this page, we recommend you first read Clef.

Before creating a node, you need to run an external clef server. Please prepare the parameters for node creation, including:

  • Clef

    • Clef API Port

    • Signer Address

  • Server instance

    • Username

    • IP address/hostname

    • Ssh private key file (recommended use *.pem file)

Setup a node

To create a node, please follow these steps.

Open Create Node dialog

Users can open the dialog from

  • Click "⋮" under "Cluster Information" on the Network Overview page

  • Click the "Create Node" button in the pull-down menu that opens on the Node List page

Submit Create node

When the Create Node dialog box opens, enter the items and click the Create button

Choose to connect to external Clef

Enter the external server information into the external server section

Click Create to submit

Only 1 node is allowed to be created each time a node is created with external Clef

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