Check node

01.Click on the node name in the "Cluster Information" section of the Network Overview page

Alternatively, click on the node name in the node list page.

02.Jump to the Node Overview page so you can check the items

Node information
Server Information
Send Proposal
Item Name
Overview tab
Overview page
Security tab
Metrics tab
Logs tab
Item Name
Node ID
You can check the node ID
Organization name
You can check your organization name
Cluster Name
You can check the cluster name
Node type
You can see the node type
Node Version
You can check the version of the node
Gas Price
You can check the Gas Price
Signing Address(Copy icon)
You can check the signature address
enode(Copy icon)
You can check the enode
You can check your Ethereum balance
Balance transfer button
Hide when there is no Ethereum balance
Item Name
You can check your provider's information
You can check the region information
Availability Zone
Abilities zone information can be checked
Instance Type
You can check the instance type information
Disk size
You can check the disk space
IP address
You can check the IP address
Public DNS name
You can check the Public DNS name
Drop down menu
Item Name
Node type selection
Select a node type
Send Proposal button
Sending you a proposal
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