Initial registration and login

This page explains how to register and log in to the system.


This system can be used from the login on the Guest page. Currently, the system only supports authentication by Google account, and when you use the system for the first time with that Google account, an Organization Account will be automatically created with the user of that email address as the owner.


Get Started

To start the service, you will need a Google Account.

This system requires a Google account for login. You can either use your existing Google account. If you do not have a Google account, please create beforehand.

Click the "Get Started" to go to the login screen.

Login with your Google Account.

If you have several Google accounts, please choose one for Blockchain Cloud service.

Please check if the login was successful.

Agree to the Terms of Use

If this is your first time using the site, the Terms of Use will be displayed. Check "I agree to the Terms of Use" and click "Agree" and start. You will then be asked to initially register your Google account.

Confirm Successful Login

When the following screen appears, you have successfully completed the initial registration and login. You will see your G.U. account on the right side of the screen(Please look at ①) and your organization account in the center(Please look at ②).

Switch Organization Accounts

The Google account must belong to your Organization Account. (which account you are going to use with G.U. Blockchain Cloud). If this is your first time signing in with your Google account , an Organization Account will be automatically created with its account as the owner.

If the account is a user who already belongs to any other Organization Account, that Organization Account will be selected at login to start.

The user can change the organization account or belong to multiple Organization Accounts. To change or to add an Organization Account, please select the appropriate Organization Account from the pull-down menu in the upper right corner.

To Logout

You can log out of the system by clicking the "Sign out" menu that appears when you open the pull-down menu in the upper right corner.

This is the screen after logging out.

Let's go ahead and create a blockchain network!

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