Create new network

01.Click the Create button

02.Fill in each field and click the Create button.

Item NameDescription

Network name

Enter a network name.

Cluster Name

Enter a cluster name

Cluster Type

Select cluster type

Cluster Description

Display cluster description


Select a provider


Select a region

Instance Type

Select a instance type

Number of Nodes

Select the number of nodes

The number of nodes can be entered from 1 to 15

Initial Address (allocAddress)

Enter the initial address

+Advanced Menu

Display the Advanced Settings entry field

If the billing address is not registered, a registration dialog will appear.

If you have not purchased a license, the license purchase screen will appear.

If the payment method is not yet registered, a card dialog box will appear and you can register it.

In the case of Japan, consumption tax will be charged. For countries other than Japan, please follow the laws of the country where you registered.

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